Leaky pipe in the basement

So usually you hear about pipes bursting in the winter because they freeze or something else just as terrible happens. You wouldn’t think that a pipe would burst in the warm months of summer but that is what happened to my husband and I. At first it started with just a leaking pipe but then all hell broke loose because we didn’t take this situation serious enough and we tried to take care of it ourselves. I recommend to not try to fix these things on your own and just call a professional plumber, this way you won’t have to endure the nightmare that we did.

My husband, Ted, first noticed the leak a month ago while he was down in our basement watching sports in his “man cave”, neither one of us even thought to call a plumber at this time because it was just a little trickle of a leak. Nothing serious. Nothing that caused a panic in us at this point. He just went around the pipe joints and started to tighten everything up, that seemed to take of things. Or so we thought. I went down there a couple of days later to do some laundry and I noticed that the pipe was leaking once again but this time it was worse than the first time. I just put a bucket under the leak to catch the water and had to dry up the wet spot that had taken root on the floor that was quickly making it’s way to our finished area. When Ted got home I explained the situation downstairs and he went down to see what he could do.

He came back up quickly and headed to the out to the hardware store to get something to fix the problem. He came back with some self fusing pipe tape. The guy at the store said that this should fix our problem. And it did. Until it didn’t. A few days later our pesky leak came back in full force. Apparently it was angry at us for trying to stop it because it was like a waterfall in our basement. After we turned off our water we decided to call a professional plumber to help us. This all happened at night but we waited until the morning to look for a company, we could deal without water for a few hours. We ended up finding a good local company the next day which happened to be on a Saturday so it took a while to have a place call us back. But we took the first one that called back.

The guy ended coming out to our house a couple of hours later and accessed the problem within a hour and had it solved within the next hour. After hearing what happened when it first started, the plumber then told us this was a simple issue and we could have done without all the hassle if we just called him in the first place. But who does that anyways? Don’t people always try to fix things themselves first? Just in case you can save some money? I guess in our case we weren’t knowledgeable enough to begin with but now we know what to do next time. So hopefully we do not have such a terrible time again!

Thanks all for listening,