Summer Time = Pool Time

When I was three years old my parents moved me and my brother into a house that had an in ground pool. My mother made me and my brother take swim lessons as soon as we moved in. My brother and I were in that pool every single day from memorial day when my parents opened it to Labor Day when my parents closed it. We would wake up eat breakfast put on her swimsuit, we would have to wait the required 30 minutes, then we were in that pool. Then we would take a break and eat our lunch and have to wait another 30 minutes and then we were back in until dinnertime.

Most night after dinner we were not allowed to go back out into the pool. We had to stay in for the night but on the rare occasion my parents let us go swimming once again after dinner. Those were the best days. My brother is two years older than me so once I graduated from high school my parents moved out of that house with the pool into a house that was on a lake. We totally upgraded! But at that point of our lives we didn’t go swimming in the lake as often as we did when we were younger in our pool.  We were both in college at that point and we were too busy hanging out with our friends to go swimming in the lake. But we did hang out there a lot. We went on the boat, poolwe went skiing and we would lay out in the sun with our friends. Now we have both moved out of her parents house and we are married and are in our own homes. The funny part about that is neither one of us live near a lake or have her pool in our backyard. I’m hoping to change that this upcoming summer. My husband didn’t have a pool growing up but I’m slowly convincing him that we need one in our backyard. We have a small house but our yard is huge. Our house sits on a double lot, I am not even certain what constitutes a double lot but it is a double lot none the less. Needless to say there is plenty of room for a pool. Whether it be above ground or in ground. I’m pushing for an in ground pool. He is not completely convinced yet that we need a pool. It’s hard to convince somebody that we actually need something like a pool but I’m working on it, because once you have a pool or lake growing up you always feel the need for one. It’s like always having a dog. If you grew up with the dog then you’re always gonna have a dog. At least that is how I feel.  I know that I would rather have an in ground pool but if push comes to shove he said that we can have one but it has to be in an above ground pool then we’re gonna get in above ground. This summer is almost over so I’m not pushing for one right now, that would just be sort of a waste.  I have all winter long to convince him about a pool so I’m hoping by next summer we have one somewhere in our backyard.

I was even talking to him about doing the installation by ourselves but after doing a bit more research I have realized it is probably not something that we should take on with out the help of a pro.  Who do you even call to install a pool?  Do you call a pool man lol?  Or do you call a plumber? Canton, Michigan is supposedly pretty strict about outdoor projects so I assume we will have to get some type of license not only for an in ground pool but even for an above ground one.…