Love the Water

Over the 4th of July weekend my brother and his family came into town to visit, they live in another state and they only coming to town every so often. So it’s always a good time when they come. It’s my brother, his wife and his two daughters, my nieces. My parents live on a lake so the girls spend pretty much the entire time in the water. They want to swim, they want to drive the boat, they want to go tubing, they want to do everything that has to do with the water. They are in and out of the water pretty much all day long, and the funniest part about that is that they hate putting wet swimsuits back on so my sister-in-law has to pack like five different bathing suits for each of them because they refuse to put on a wet bathing suit. So if they swim for little bit and get out to either warm-up or have a snack or do something and they change their clothes and then a little while later they want to go back in and that first swimsuit was wet they put on a dry swimsuit. We try to tell them that it doesn’t matter if your swimsuit is wet because you’re about to go into the water and you’re gonna be wet anyways but for some crazy reason they do not want to put on a wet swimsuit, it’s hilarious. One of the last night that they were in town we took the girls tubing, at first they were both on the tube together but then my older niece wanted to go by herself. When she was on the tube and my brother who was driving the boat, started to take off the tube completely submerged underwater and my niece flipped off the tube. I think it was a combination of her being too far forward on the tube and my brother taking off to slow because the tube went completely under the water, when she popped up she was terrified and was bawling her eyes out but she finally calmed down enough to grab the rope and we were able to pull her back on the boat. Needless to say she was done tubing after that. And if you think that’s too scary of an incident with her older sister that my younger niece would not want to get back on the tube, you would be wrong. My younger niece got on the tube after that and we pulled her around the lake for a little while.  It was getting late and getting dark and it took us 20 minutes to get her off of that tube. Days like this make me wish that my brother and his family lived in the same state as we did. That way we can have more of them.


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